Monday, March 7, 2011

MVVM "In the Box"

Recently I found a really cool MVVM training kit that integrates with guidance directly into Visual Studio 2010. It targets WPF and was created by Karl Shifflett. The extension package can be found on the Visual Studio Gallery, so you can just install it into the IDE.
After installation there’s a new entry in the new projects wizard called “In the Box”. The template behind creates a new Visual Studio solution with a number of MVVM related projects. Additionally you get a guidance browser which can be used to display appropriate information to certain concepts and MVVM related topics. Within the projects you get some minimalistic samples that demonstrate the use of MVVM and concepts like IoC. The advanced examples rely on Prism and Unity as the dependency injection and IoC framework. Besides the sample application there’s a test project too, which shows how to write unit tests within Prism applications with the Visual Studio test runtime and Moq.
So if you want to learn MVVM quickly and get your hands on some practical examples, just give it a try.

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